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Lost Property ‘Hall of Shame’:
Claim Your Items Now!


4th September 2020

By Surbiton HC

As part of addressing the huge amount of lost property at the club we are asking members to check our ‘Hall of Shame’ page and claim any items that belong to you.

We will post a link at the beginning of each month, allow you to view a gallery of lost property items currently in storage at the club. Items will now be kept for one month ONLY before being donated to charity.

This link will be posted on our website and in the Weekly Newsletters sent out to the Club and Colts sections.

There are 32 items in the September 2020 Hall of Shame! Please take a minute now to check the gallery and if any items belong to you please get in contact with Steph before the end of September.

Visit September’s Hall of Shame

A small sample of September's Lost Property items...