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Hockey Info for U18 Players at SHC in 2020/21


1st September 2020

By Surbiton HC

Here are the key details for our club players in the Under 18 age bracket this season...

All Under 18 age group players at SHC will train with an adult team and will be linked to an U18 team for league and Cup matches as and when these occur. Some extra training sessions may be run for U18 teams for Cup match preparation.

This year we have 2 x Girls U18 teams and 1 x Boys U18 team. You will be allocated to one of these teams in the next couple of weeks.

For selection to the adult squads, all U18s who are not already linked to the M1s, L1s, M2s, L2s, M3s or L3s should attend the Adults Play Day on Saturday 5th September. Please pre-register here

On Play Day, the Men’s and Ladies captains will assess and select players for their teams. Please contact the relevant Chairs of Selection if you have any other queries about the Adult Play Day:

Under 18s are also welcome to attend the Colts Play Day on Sunday 6th September. The U16/U18 session is being held from 4-5pm. You will need to pre-register separately for Colts Play Day.