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Game Day Information on Pitch Slots

13th October 2020

By Chrissie-Wilson David

Please note the following important information on timings for pitches on game days.

The times listed on Fixtures Live are Push Back times. 

As an example, if your game is listed as 11.40am, you should have access to the pitch from 11.30am to allow an on pitch warm up of up to 8-10 minutes. This should allow your game to start on time and in this example your game must finish by 13.00. 

If one or two people on the team could be responsible for sanitizing the dugouts and goalkeepers de-kit off the pitch this will mean that the team playing in the next game can have their own pitch access in a timely manner, without too much waiting around.

Each game has a 90-minute slot and although the club understands that there things can happen to slow games down, shortening half time and making sure that you leave the pitch as soon as possible at full time will help us keep things running smoothly.