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Focus On: Age Group Classes at SHC


21st June 2020

By Surbiton HC

Since we launched our online booking system a fortnight ago, the age group classes have proved to be an extremely popular option.

In advance of opening bookings early next week for the next block of hockey activity at the club (the new cycle will run from Sunday 28th June until Saturday 18th July), here's more on why these classes provide kids with such a unique opportunity...

Members & non-members can take part
We’ve had a brilliant uptake from our Colts, but we’ve welcomed non-members from near and far for age group sessions too. It’s been brilliant to see junior players from outside the club take part – and we hope many may become familiar faces when they join SHC next season.

Progression & practice
Running the age group classes in a series of three with the same group of players allows our carefully selected coaches to plan and progress each session in a way that maximises the benefits to each small group. This helps us ensure that improvements in technique, mindset and decision-making are possible in every block of training.

Fantastic coaching with even more individual development opportunities
While lockdown has posed some challenges in terms of ensuring the hockey environment is safe, one of the benefits that has emerged is smaller coach to player ratios in our age group sessions than is usually possible in-season. While our coach to player ratios are always good at SHC Colts, the age group classes are a rare opportunity for our knowledgeable and inspiring coaches to provide more individual feedback and guidance than is normally practical.

Please note that age group classes are offered as a series of three sessions. We ask that your child attends all three classes in a series and bookings will not be accepted after the first session has passed.

Visit our booking page for more information and direct links to our online booking system