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Colts Training On Zoom: Guidance from SHC

28th April 2020

By Surbiton HC

Guidance for Colts parents about coaching sessions via the Zoom platform

In an effort to maintain contact with our Colts and to deliver personalised online skills training, we are rolling out a programme that involves sharing training videos of skills and games over Hudl as well as organising some Zoom sessions for groups of children with their coaches. 

We are aware that there has been some adverse publicity surrounding Zoom in the press earlier this year. 

We have investigated this as far as is reasonably possible within our scope as an amateur sports club and would like to draw your attention to the following: 

  1. Children under the age of 18 are prohibited from having a Zoom account under Zoom’s Terms and Conditions. 
  2. Participants will be invited to join a Zoom meeting that is hosted by (minimum of) two coaches and will have at least three other children present at the meeting at any one time. 
  3. The invitation will be sent five minutes prior to the scheduled meeting time to the parent’s email address. The invitation will include a unique link and passcode to join the scheduled meeting. 
  4. We recommend that families discuss reasonable internet safety strategies with their children such as i) having a parent present in the room; ii) setting up their laptop/computer in a populated space, not alone in a bedroom etc. 
  5. Zoom sessions are voluntary and it is stressed that those who do not wish to take part will not be disadvantaged once in person training resumes again. 
  6. If a child joins a Zoom meeting, it is assumed that the parent has given their consent. 
  7. As with all on-line platforms we cannot guarantee complete security and it is the parent's right to opt out if they wish to. 
  8. Zoom has updated its security features in the past weeks and has published a letter explaining this ​here
  9. Further information, including Terms and Conditions, can be found at ​ 
  10. As always, please abide by ​SHC Code of Conduct​ and Colts Code of Conduct 
  11. Some Zoom sessions may include practical skills - please ensure your environment is safe. We advise the use of mouth guards but if you choose not to use one, this is at your own risk. 
  12. We recommend that the children are supervised at all times.