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Colts Round Up: 15th March


17th March 2020

By Surbiton HC

Well done to all the Colts who played on Sunday, with a special mention to everyone who took part in the Under 10 Surrey Cup and friendly matches.

Under 10 Tournaments

Girls U10 Surrey A Cup - winners
Player of the Match: Amelia H

Girls U10 Surrey B Cup - won final on penalty flicks

Girls U10 Festival Matches vs Wimbledon

Boys U10 Surrey A Cup - fourth place (lost playoff on penalty flicks)

League & Friendly Matches

Girls U12 Puffins 2 - 4 Woking GU12 Wizards

Girls U14 Doves 1 - 3 Guildford GU14 B
Player of the Match: Amy M

Girls U14 Swans 4 - 1 Reading GU14 Rappers

Girls U14 Ospreys 8 - 0 Old Cranleighans GU14 Hurricanes
Player of the Match: Charlotte S

Boys U14 Sharks 3 - 1 London Wayfarers BU14 B
Player of the Match: Matt S

Girls U16 D Swans 2 - 4 Epsom HC GU16 Dev
Player of the Match: Frankie B-S

Girls U16 Prem 4 - 0 Teddington GU16
Player of the Match: Team award