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Colts Results Round Up: 18th October 2020

20th October 2020

By Surbiton HC

Well done to our Colts teams who played at the weekend. Results and Player of the Match nominations on Sunday were as follows...

Girls U12 Tigers 7 - 2 Reigate Priory Polecats GU12
Player of the Match: Natalia T

Girls U14 Hawks 7 - 0 London Wayfarers GU14 D

Girls U14 Magpies 4 - 3 Barnes GU14 Dev
Player of the Match: Emily S

Girls U14 Swans 15 - 0 Sevenoaks GU14 C
Player of the Match: Mana M

Girls U14 Wrens 7 - 2 SHC Boys U14 Scorpions
Player of the Match: Thea O

Girls U16 Voyagers 4 - 0 Guildford GU16 B
Player of the Match: Anna W

Girls U16 Rangers 14 - 0 Ealing GU16 B

Girls U16 Pioneers 0 -1 Epsom U18 Mixed

Girls U18 Jays 2 - 1 Teddington GU18


Boys U12 Marlins 1 - 7 Marden Russets BU14 B 

Boys U14 Spiders 4 - 2 Brighton & Hove BU14 B

Boys U16 Jackals 6 - 2 London Wayfarers BU16 C
Player of the Match: Chris C

Boys U16 Huskies 19 - 0 Woking

Boys U16 Coyotes 5 - 0 Guildford BU16
Player of the Match: Adam S