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Colts Hockey at KGS & Reed’s School

24th September 2020

By Surbiton HC

It is vitally important we obey the rules at our partner schools to keep everyone safe and to uphold our responsibilities in order to continue using their hockey facilities.

Please read the venue-specific advice for Colts games at home and away venues below.

No spectators allowed - parents will not be allowed in to watch the matches; only teams and coaches are allowed on site.

Reed’s School
No spectators. Parents must drop off at the Cricket Centre and leave the site completely (no waiting in car park)

Etiquette at away fixtures
Do not enter the pitch until invited to do so by host coach/manager. All clubs are operating under strict Covid rules – please comply with these.

Home fixtures
At SHC, you should meet in the grassy area well away from other players and visitors. Wait for the previous teams to vacate before entering the pitch.

Visit this page for this week's Sunday Schedule