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Clubhouse Corner - 4th November 2020

4th November 2020

By Ann Bedford

A pre-lockdown message from Bar & Clubhouse Manager Ann...

Strangely enough there is not a lot from me this week with no match teas and no schedule for this weekend. But don't fear - we'll be back and hopefully you all will too, safe, sound and Covid free.

It was always going to be a bulletin with a goodbye this week and we're not going to let the lockdown change that. After seven years behind the bar Lee is moving to pastures new. He has worked every shift posible and been the DJ at many of your and our parties. Lee is off to continue his journey in the music business, taking the role of Artist Services Co-ordinator at Music Gateway in Reigate and while his last shift was due to be Thursday 5th November, we are very kindly letting him leave a day early! The leaving party will have to be put on hold but I'm sure that when the time is right he'll make a guest appearance to enjoy the club from the other side of the bar. I hope the new place has Netflix, I'd hate for him to get behind on anything! He has made it clear that he will still be available to DJ at the best events in town. Good luck Lee and thank you for your hard work over the years.  

As you all know we have to close on Wednesday night but rest assured that we'll be back as soon as we're allowed. While we have run out of all draught lagers and are nearing the end of the cider and Guinness we still have a substantial stock of all your favourite bottles so please (safely) enjoy the next couple of days at your favourite (ahem, here) bar. Liselle and the board were amazing in putting all the plans in place the first time around, so let's hope we can come back in a month and get straight back to it.

Until then, take care of yourselves and others and see you all soon.