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Clubhouse Corner - 2nd December 2020

2nd December 2020

By Ann Bedford

The latest from Bar & Catering Manager Ann...

Welcome back, again. Here's to the next three and a half weeks of fun.

Yes - the bar will be open! Just to clarify the new ruling is that you can only consume alcohol with a substantial meal. In light of this we are introducing the very snappily titled, "Spectacular Substantial Sport Star Suppers" which will be available Sunday - Friday evenings at a charge of £5 per portion. This week's offering (Weds - Fri) will be a delicious Moroccan Tomato & Chickpea Pasta with warm ciabatta. In order for this to work I need pre-orders please, so if you would like to partake in post-training refreshments or dinner during/after your Colt’s training session, please order before training and we will have it ready for you in a timely manner.

It is worth saying that the rumours that as soon as you finish the last bite you have to leave are not true, but you will need to leave in a reasonable time - I suggest you will be legitimately allowed around 60-90 minutes for a single course meal. Please remember that we are trying very hard to make this work for everyone and although as you know I am incredibly shy when it comes to enforcing the rules, I have undertaken some assertiveness training so look out!

It is obviously the season for Christmas parties & socials and we are all disappointed not to be able to hold the Christmas party or Nativity but please let me know if you would be interested in reserving a table of 6 for a two course dinner. Two courses will take longer to serve and consume (I think you know what I am saying!). I am thinking out loud with this so please feed back any comments on this idea or get in touch if you’re interested.

Apart from the introduction of substantial meals all other rules remain pretty much the same as far as the clubhouse is concerned. Please remember: wear your mask indoors (including toilets), wash your hands properly, scan in, no groups of more than 6 at any time and no mingling between groups!

Let's ensure we do as much as possible to enable us to stay open and for you to stay playing.

We are also on the lookout again for bar staff to join our friendly clubhouse team. Please get in touch with me at if you’d like to find out more about the roles we have available.

Stay safe, be kind... and no you can't be in my bubble.

Saturday’s Match Teas schedule:

  • 11.30am: Ladies 9s
  • 12.30pm: Men’s 5s
  • 1pm: Ladies 4s
  • 2pm: Cobras
  • 2.30pm: Ladies 8s
  • 3.30pm: Jokers
  • 4pm: Men’s 2s
  • 5pm: Men’s 3As
  • 5.30pm: Vintage

Match Teas Menu:

  • Chicken curry with fresh herbs
  • Vegetable curry with tomato and paneer 
  • Dahl
  • Basmati rice
  • Salad selection