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Clubhouse Corner - 23rd September 2020

23rd September 2020

By Ann Bedford

Thank you to Ann for providing this latest update from the Clubhouse…


  • We must now adhere to the new rule of 10pm closing. Please help us do this by ensuring all drinks are ordered by 9.30pm and consumed by 10pm (our license does allow us to do ‘off sales’ so you can take any unopened drinks home with you).
  • It will also now be mandatory to wear face masks in the clubhouse - this will also apply to staff.
  • Table service only for all food and drinks

We will be enforcing these rule changes without exception.

Last weekend was a real test for my team, with 13 adult home matches, but I think those that were at the club will agree it went really well. Big thanks to Richard, Mark and Mr President (Sir) who did an admirable job on the gate, welcoming and helping members, opposition and spectators and guiding them through the format – please continue to offer time where you can.

To all that turned up on time (in their 6s) and rallied the opposition (in their 6s) for teas another big thanks, it makes it so much easier and means you get delicious hot food. For those that think it is me that is nagging, please understand I tone down the comments from the chefs, they do work hard to give you amazing teas and the language that sometimes comes from the kitchen is alien even to my ears!

All of you were very patient with my drinks waitress service – I only charged one table twice (I think!). The law changes mean you can now look forward to your food being delivered to your tables with equal finesse. Who would have predicted a full on table service at Sugden Road? (Tips will be accepted!)

We have put more things in place in order to help us become more efficient but I fear the weather will soon be turning and the relaxed sitting on the grass (in your 6s) waiting for your tea slot (in your 6s) will become less appealing very soon. Please bear with us while more changes are made to combat soggy bottoms and the post match shivers.

There was no team of the week this week but wooden spoons definitely go to the M3 who didn't make it back after their match at Oaken Lane and the L3 who didn't stay although we had catered for them all. Please let me know if plans change, even at the last minute.

I have left longer slots for those at Oaken Lane as I understand there are sometimes parking issues at the club – be assured we will endeavour to fit you in where we can. Also please remember we are now cashless and this includes match fees, which should now all be paid online.

Match Teas Schedule: Saturday 26th September

  • 11.30am: Magnets vs OC Hamstrings
  • 11.30am: Mongooses vs Croydon Old Whitgiftian Rustlers
  • 12pm: L7 vs Sunbury & Walton Hawks L2
  • 12.30pm: L3 vs Eastbourne L1
  • 1pm: L5 vs Sunbury & Walton Hawks L1
  • 1.30pm: L4 vs Tulse Hill & Dulwich L2
  • 2pm: M3A vs Kings Alleyns M2
  • 2.30pm: Vintage vs Amersham & Chalfont Grand Masters
  • 4pm: M5 vs Wanderers M5
  • 5pm: L2 vs Harleston Magpies
  • 5.30pm: Jokers vs Epsom Embers
  • 6pm: M3 vs Woking M1

This week’s Match Teas Menu

  • Moroccan chicken with saffron, preserved lemons and olives
  • Cous cous with herbs and pomegranate, with orange dressing
  • Mushroom & blue cheese tart
  • Fattoush salad
  • Roast carrots and feta with caraway seeds 

After trialling the use of showers on Sunday with the Brooklands team, I hope we can soon allow use of showers and changing rooms but I am going to hold off guaranteeing this until I can be sure we have enough girl/man power to clean between each use. I'll keep you posted.

The sixth thing to mention… I'm not sure if you've heard about it but we must adhere to the rule of six, that is a group of no more than six! Pick wisely, you may be stuck in that group forever. Look out for this weekend’s "Six of the best" drinks promotions.

Here's to another great weekend at SHC.