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Clubhouse Corner - 21st October 2020

21st October 2020

By Ann Bedford

This week's clubhouse update from Ann...

Another great weekend and all was going a bit too smoothly, what was going to happen?

As ever there's a lot going on and sometimes you only see what is on the surface when there's a whole lot more behind the scenes and you never know what's around the bend! Thankfully this was a weekend of no real dramas, save one of the new benches being broken – I'm sure whoever is responsible (I know who you are) will come forward and offer to replace said bench.

We find ourselves with a distinct lack of draught beer in part due to an enthusiastic bunch of medical students from St George’s on Wednesday but luckily we have an array of bottled beers so am sure we will cope for a couple of days.

Thanks to you all for the great comments, mask wearing and, in the main, staying in your 6s. Quick reminder that last orders is 9pm on Saturdays as we seem unable to leave without being harangued. I would obviously prefer not to bring this forward any more but most definitely will if I think it is necessary to comply with the 10pm close.

Thanks also to all the staff. You will have noticed there are more of us on a Saturday and it would be great to add another reliable member to the team. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in joining the Sugden Road Dream Team.

I understand there have been rumblings about the unfairness of other clubs not matching our hospitality and to be honest, in my opinion, there is little reason why some sort of offering could not be made. But it is, as you see from us, a lot more labour intensive and not every club has the amazing facilities that we have, nor do they have me!!

I had an interesting conversation with one of the opposition on Saturday who asked if they could have the extra meals for the two players that were supposed to stay but did not – you can only imagine my response! (Especially as they were from a club who I understand are feeding the home team but not visitors.)

This aside as I see it we can and should continue to offer teas to visitors and cater for our away teams as and when it is practical, but this can only be done with your support. I hope we can continue to be the shining example.

Remember to eat your greens, stay safe and be kind.

This Week's Match Teas Menu

  • Cumberland Sausages / Veggie sausages 
  • Mash with cheese and leeks
  • Red wine gravy
  • Petit pois with bacon and lettuce 

Match Tea Schedule: Saturday 24th October

  • 11am: B2H - Breakfast Special**
  • 12pm: L5 vs London Edwardian L2
  • 12.30pm: L8 vs Horley Ladies
  • 1pm: M3A vs London Wayfarers M3
  • 2pm: Cobras vs Epsom M5
  • 3.30pm: M5 vs Old Kingstonian M1 
  • 5pm: L6 vs OC L2
  • 6pm: M3 vs Oxford Brookes M1