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Colts Results Round Up & Player of the Match Awards 27/10/19


27th October 2019

Last weekend's Colts Results Round Up and Player of the Match Awards

Winner of this week’s Whole Club Colts Player of the Match Award: Jack Lightbound
Thank you to Bathroom Eleven for sponsoring this award


Winner of this week’s Colts Cup Games Player of the Match Award: India Gould
Thank you to Aspire USA for sponsoring this award


Boys Under 12 Stingrays – Festival Games vs H&W BU12 Blues and Reading BU12

Team 1: Lost 3-2 and 1-0
Player of the Match: Jack Lightbound

Team 2: Drew 1-1 and lost 1-0
Player of the Match: Alex Huntingford


GU12/U14 Internal Match

Girls U12 vs Girls U14 Hawks
Player of the Match: Ana Goodsman


Girls Under 14 – National Cup Games

Girls U14 Tier 1 Cup Team 16 – 2 London Wayfarers GU14
Player of the Match: India Gould

Girls U14 Tier 2 Cup Team 5 – 0 Old Georgians GU14
Player of the Match: Tilly Gibson


Girls Under 14 – League

Girls U14 Eagles 3 – 1 Sevenoaks GU14 B
Player of the Match: Betty Cannon

Girls U14 Ospreys 2 – 0 Old Cranleighans GU14 Hurricanes
Player of the Match: Thea Oakley


Boys Under 14 – League

Boys U14 Sharks 1 - 1 Wimbledon BU14 Warriors
Player of the Match: Otto Linstead


Girls Under 16 - League

Girls U16 Eagles 2 – 1 Epsom HC Girls U16 C
Player of the Match: Maddie Wearne


Boys Under 16

Boys U16 C 5 – 0 Old Cranleighans Boys U16
Player of the Match: Ben White