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Watching Premier League Hockey at SHC

2021/22 SEASON

Premier League Top 6 Fixtures (Feb - April 2022)

Saturday 5th February vs Clifton Robinsons (A) - start time tbc

Saturday 12th February vs Beeston (H) - 1.30pm

Saturday 19th February vs Wimbledon (A) - start time tbc

Saturday 26th February vs East Grinstead (H) - 1.30pm**

Saturday 5th March vs Hampstead & Westminster (A) - start time tbc

Saturday 12th March vs Beeston (A) - start time tbc

Saturday 19th March vs Clifton Robinsons (H) - 1.30pm

Saturday 26th March vs Hampstead & Westminster (H) - 5pm

Saturday 2nd April vs East Grinstead (A) - start time tbc

Saturday 9th April vs Wimbledon (H) - 2pm**

** Super Saturday at SHC

Saturday 19th February vs Old Georgians (H) - 5.30pm

Saturday 26th February vs Hampstead & Westminster (H) - 5.30pm**

Sunday 6th March vs Holcombe (A) - start time tbc

Saturday 12th March vs Wimbledon (A) - 6pm

Saturday 19th March vs East Grinstead (A) - start time tbc

Sunday 20th March vs East Grinstead (H) - 2pm

Saturday 26th March vs Old Georgians (A) - start time tbc

Sunday 3rd April vs Holcombe (H) - 2pm

Saturday 9th April vs Wimbledon (H) - 5.30pm**

Saturday 23rd April vs Hampstead & Westminster (A) - 2pm tbc


** Super Saturday at SHC

SHC Premier League Results 2021/22

Ladies 1s 2 - 2 Clifton Robinsons - Saturday 18th September (A)

Ladies 1s 2 - 0 Beeston - Saturday 25th September (H)

Ladies 1s 2 - 2 Buckingham - Saturday 9th October (H)

Ladies 1s 4 - 1 University of Birmingham - Saturday 16th October (A)

Ladies 1s 1 - 1 Wimbledon - Saturday 23rd October (H)

Ladies 1s 3 - 0 Swansea - Saturday 30th October (A)

Ladies 1s 4 - 2 Loughborough Students - Saturday 13th November (H)

Ladies 1s 3 - 1 Holcombe - Saturday 20th November (A)

Ladies 1s 2 - 1 East Grinstead - Sunday 21st November (A)

Ladies 1s 3 - 2 Hampstead & Westminster - Saturday 27th November (H)

Men’s 1s 6 - 4 Holcombe - Sunday 19th September (H)

Men's 1s 5 - 2 Oxted - Sunday 26th September (A)

Men's 1s 3 - 0 Durham University - Sunday 10th October (A)

Men’s 1s 9 - 1 Brooklands Manchester Uni - Saturday 16th October (H)

Men's 1s 6 - 1 East Grinstead - Saturday 23rd October (A)

Men’s 1s 7 - 0 University of Exeter - Sunday 31st October (H)

Men's 1s 5 - 1 Beeston - Sunday 7th November (A)

Men's 1s 1 - 2 Hampstead & Westminster - Saturday 13th November (H)

Men’s 1s 2 - 2 Wimbledon - Saturday 20th November (H)

Men's 1s 0 - 2 Old Georgians - Sunday 28th November (A)

Please note that all fixtures & game times are subject to change


Watching Premier League Hockey at SHC (Sugden Road) in 2021/22

Under 18s: Free

Adults: Tickets on the gate for £6 (cashless payments only) or buy your season ticket for all home games of the 2021/22 season for £30 via Teamo

Match Day Programme: We produce a digital match day programme for Premier League hockey at SHC. This is available on the club website the day before a game, or by scanning the QR code at the entry gate with your smartphone camera.

Premier League Hockey Format in 2021/22

This season's 11-team Premier League will be played across two phases. Before the winter break each team will play each other once before splitting into a Top 6 and a Lower 5. Teams will play each other twice after the break (with points carrying over from the first part of the competition) to determine the league winners.

Image credit: Peter Smith / Smifsports