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You're only a few easy steps away from joining our club! We use the Teamo app and database for all SHC memberships. 

Registrations for the 2020/21 season are now open. Sign up here!

Please note that all registration payments should be made via Teamo.

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Senior Playing Member £280
19-25 Playing Member / Jobseekers / Goalkeepers* (no coaching package) £110
26-30 Playing Member £210
Over 60s Playing Member £220
Family Membership Fee Cap £800
1874 Social (Non-Playing) Member £30
Occasional Player** (upon application) £200

* Goalkeeper coaching package is +£50
** 5 match limit & £20 match fee

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Please use this link to access Teamo and register for the 2020/21 season

Teamo provides us with our own app and GDPR compliant communications platform that allows members to keep up-to-date with everything at the Club. Once registered, members will have an app to update availability for fixtures/training/social events, chat with teammates and coaches, pay memberships, match fees and much more. The system can also be used for team selections and player availability.