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Colts Schedule: Sunday 25th October 2020

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GameTime Schedule
All players should arrive 15 minutes before the stated start time to allow for warm up and pre-play briefing

Time Group Session Type Venue
8.30 - 9.30am Mixed U7/U8 GameTime / Skills SHC
8.30 - 9.45am Boys U10  GameTime SHC
9.45 - 11am Girls U10 GameTime SHC
11am - 12.30pm Girls U12 - Yellow Pool GameTime SHC
12.30 - 2pm Girls U12 - Red Pool GameTime SHC


Fixtures / Training

Time SHC Team Opposition Venue
9am Boys U14 Stoats Old Cranleighans BU14 KGS
9.20am Boys U16 Jackals Old Kingstonians BU16 Away
10.30am Boys U12 Mini Cheam BU12 KGS
12pm Girls U12 Servals London Wayfarers GU14 B KGS
12pm Girls U18 Owls Spencer GU18 Damselflies Away
12pm Girls U12 Panthers Old Kingstonians GU12 Greens Away
12pm Girls U18 Jays Trojans GU18 Away
12.15pm Girls U14 Wrens Canterbury GU16 Away
1.30pm Boys U14 squad match   KGS
1.30pm Girls U12 Lions Eastcote GU12 Away
1.30pm Girls U12 Harriers Guildford GU14 D Away
2pm Girls U14 Doves Sevenoaks GU14 A SRBW
2pm Girls U16 squad match   SRBS
3.30pm Girls U16 Voyagers Richmond GU16 Lynx SRBW
3.30pm Boys U12 Marlins vs Boys U14 Spiders   SRBS
5pm Boys U16 squad match   SRBW

School holidays -
In most cases Sunday sessions continue on the two Sundays of half term, but not within school holidays. Click here for information on October Half Term 2020

Girls U12 - Please note GU12 GameTime is now split into two groups because of the size of the group. Not all girls will take part in this as some will be playing league matches. 

Mixed U7/U8 - Registration for this age group is currently closed because we are restricted in numbers due to the Covid regulations.

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Important information about hockey at KGS, Reed's School and Other Venues
It is vitally important we obey the rules at our partner schools or we will be banned from using them.

NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED ON SITE - parents will not be allowed in to watch the matches; only teams and coaches are allowed on site.

Reed’s School:
No spectators. Parents must drop off at the Cricket Centre and leave the site completely (no waiting in car park)

Etiquette at away fixtures:
Do not enter the pitch until invited to do so by host coach/manager. All clubs are operating under strict Covid rules – please comply with these.

Home fixtures:
At SHC, you should meet in the grassy area well away from other players and visitors. Wait for the previous teams to vacate before entering the pitch.