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Colts Coaching Policy


Colts Coaching Policy

SHC Colts are expected to attend a weekly technical coaching session for 1 – 1.5 hours. During this time, the content is delivered from the Colts’ coaching syllabus prepared by the club’s Director of Hockey. Delivery is carried out by a team of qualified coaches, supported by international players. Colts are taught in squads. Generally the session comprises teaching of a specific technical skill, finishing with a game related to that skill. Matches and training games are organised for Sundays.

Separate sessions are organised for goalkeeper training.

We endeavour to meet our own policy of maintaining a ratio of one coach to every twelve players. This may be altered by the Director of Colts (Will Fulker) in consultation with Colts and their parents.

If you have any queries about the training schedule or which group your child should be attending, please contact Will Fulker or 07411 566653

Sunday Fixtures and GameTime

The Sunday schedule is updated weekly during the season. You can find it here.

Junior players tend to play mini hockey at 7-a-side, whereas the older ages are exposed to 11-a-side. If no external game is available we often arrange an internal game during which coaching tips may be provided.

Full details on SHC Policies & Guidelines for Colts can be found on this page