EuroHockey Indoor Club Cup Pool A – 16 February 2018


Scorers: Alan Forsyth 1-PS, 2-F, 31-F; Rob Farrington 36-F
Squad: Hendrik Geyer, Rob Farrington, Luke Noblett, Jonny Gall (Capt.), Alan Forsyth, Taylor Seager-Green (GK).

Subs: Lewis Prosser (6″), Arjan Drayton Chana (6″), William Marshall (6″), Adam Buckle (6″), Zach Wallace (13″).

Sub not used: Mark Haycroft (GK)

Umpires: Fraser Bell (Sco) and Jasper Nagtzaam (Ned)

Surbiton Men won their first match at the EuroHockey Indoor Club Cup in Wettingen, Switzerland, but after taking a 2-0 lead after just two minutes, had to weather a HC Rotweiss Wettingen comeback before winning 4-2.

Alan Forsyth gave Surbiton the lead after just 40 seconds after a shot was illegally blocked on the goal-line. In the second minute, Forsyth was in space to score Surbiton’s second goal as the hosts suffered a double early setback.

Rotweiss Wettingen found the way back from their penalty corner routine. Slipping the ball to an attacker to the left of the circle to shoot was their tactic. Florian Feller failed to score from Wettingen’s first penalty corner, but captain Manuel Keller succeeded in the 12th minute and Fabian Wullschleger was also on target four minutes later, both players celebrating and encouraged by the home supporters.

Wettingen weren’t so successful in the second half, Forsyth completing his hat-trick from open play with nine minutes remaining and Rob Farrington clinching the victory in the 36th minute, running down the left wing before scoring from a tight angle.

Surbiton play German club Rotweiss Köln in the final game of the day at 7.15 pm (CET) 6.15 pm GMT.

Tournament information can be found at the EuroHockey Altius website

Matches are streamed at the EuroHockey TV website