Jaffa Super 6s Premier Division – 15 December 2018


Scorers: Arjan Drayton Chana 5-F, 6-F, 6-F; Tom Sorsby 19-F, 31-F, 31-F; Alan Forsyth 27-PS, Niall Stott 32-PC, 38-PC, 38-PC
Squad: Tom Sorsby, Jonny Gall (Capt.), Niall Stott, Alan Forsyth, David Goodfield, Taylor Seager-Green (GK). 

Subs: William Marshall (3 mins), Lewis Prosser (5), Arjan Drayton Chana (5), Max Lowrey (10). Sub not used: Mark Haycroft (GK).

Umpires: Andy Higgins and Andy Poulain

Surbiton Men bounced back from their 6-2 defeat to Hampstead and Westminster to beat Wimbledon 10-5 in their second game of the day at the Jaffa Super 6s Premier Division tournament at Bromsgrove School on Saturday.

Arjan Drayton Chana scored a quickfire hat-trick with a goal in the fifth minute and two strikes in the sixth to put Surbiton in the ascendancy. Ed Horler scored twice in the 10th and 18th minutes to bring Wimbledon back into the match with penalty corner conversions but Tom Sorsby restored Surbiton’s two goal advantage a minute before the interval to give Surbiton a 4-2 half time lead.

Seven minutes into the second half, Alan Forsyth scored Surbiton’s fifth goal from the penalty spot before Sorsby scored twice in the 31st minute to notch his hat-trick as Wimbledon trailed 7-2.

It was then Niall Stott’s turn to aim for a hat-trick with a goal in the 32nd minute and a brace in the 38th minute, but Horler beat him to it with his third goal of the match in the 37th minute.

Trailing 10-3, Wimbledon scored the last two goals of the match, Simon Mantell netting in the 39th minute and Horler scoring his fourth goal of the game in the final minute.

More information about the tournament can be found here