Jaffa Super Sixes Premier Division – 16 December 2018


Scorers: Arjan Drayton Chana 7-F, Niall Stott 20-PC, 25-PC, 39-PC; Alan Forsyth 39-F, 40-F
Squad: Tom Sorsby, Jonny Gall (Capt.), Niall Stott, Alan Forsyth, David Goodfield, Taylor Seager-Green (GK).

Subs: Lewis Prosser (4 mins), Arjan Drayton Chana (4), William Marshall (4), Max Lowrey (8). Sub not used: Mark Haycroft.

Umpires: Andy Poulain and Martin Twist

Surbiton Men gained their second Jaffa Super Sixes Premier Division victory, beating Brooklands Manchester University 6-3 on Sunday at Bromsgrove School.

Surbiton took a seventh minute lead through Arjan Drayton Chana but Brooklands fought back through Noah Darlington’s 11th minute penalty corner conversion before Thomas Russell gave them a 2-1 lead in the  13th minute.

Niall Stott equalised for Surbiton at the end of the first half to make the score 2-2 at the interval and then went on in the second half to complete a hat-trick with further penalty corner conversions in the 25th and 39th minutes.

Alan Forsyth notched a quick brace with open play goals in the 39th and 40th minutes but Brooklands had the final say in the last minute when Aiden Khares scored what proved to be a consolation goal.

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