Investec Women’s Hockey League Premier Division – 10 November 2018


Scorers: None
Squad: Grace O’Hanlon (GK); Alice Klugman, Georgie Twigg (Capt), Holly Payne, Emily Atkinson, Ella Burnley, Olivia Chilton, Emily Defroand, Susie Catlin, Alice Sharp, Robyn Collins.

Subs: Stephanie Addison (7 mins), Hannah Denison (10), Phoebe Willars (13), Emily Rowlands (48).

Umpires: Rebecca Woodcock and Cathy Wright

Match Official: Mel Ive

Surbiton Ladies had their lead at the top of the Investec Women’s Hockey League Premier Division cut in half to three points after suffering their first defeat of the season, 1-0 to Holcombe at Holcombe Park.

With both teams having to make changes due to international callups, Surbiton gave first team league debuts to Hannah Denison, Alice Klugman and Emily Rowlands.

Before the match, a minute’s silence was observed in advance of Remembrance Sunday with both teams lining up either side of the halfway line.

Surbiton dominated possession in the early minutes, and with Giselle Ansley absent, struggled with their first two penalty corner awards. Olivia Chilton was an early threat with Holcombe’s captain, Steph Elliott needed in defence. Elliott also had Holcombe’s first shot of the game in the tenth minute as the hosts, having been penned in their own half, ventured past the 23 metre line.

Georgie Twigg and Alice Sharp had shots on goal with Denison going close to scoring in the 16th minute, pulling her shot past the left post.

Denison also battled with Elliott to get possession and Emily Defroand had a chance to put Surbiton ahead late in the first half, but the game was still goalless at half time.

Holcombe’s Laura Myers replaced Rose Thomas in goal at the start of the second half.

Emily Atkinson battled with Sofia Viarengo Cervino in the Holcombe 23 metre area early in the second half, displaying good possession skills, but Surbiton still failed to make an impact in front of goal.

Viarengo Cervino went close to putting Holcombe ahead in the 56th minute, but ultimately proved to be a goal provider, an attack six minutes later culminating in Candice Manuel, the scorer of Holcombe’s fifth goal at the University of Birmingham finishing from the right of the circle and wheeling away in celebration to the delight of the Kent club’s supporters.

Holcombe virtually sealed Surbiton’s fate with a late penalty corner award to use up valuable seconds and earn their first ever win over Surbiton at Holcombe Park, following up from their first ever win at Sugden Road last season.

Youngster Ella Burnley deservedly won the Player of the Match award sponsored by LetsGo2 for a mature performance for her age.

Buckingham moved up to third after a 1-0 home win over Slough as East Grinstead lost 1-0 at Bowdon Hightown, a result which saw Canterbury drop to the basement as Beeston won 3-1 at Polo Farm late on Saturday afternoon.

Clifton Robinsons stayed sixth but the University of Birmingham dropped to seventh following Clifton’s 4-2 win over Birmingham at Coombe Dingle.

Surbiton visit Canterbury next Saturday (17 November) for a 4 pm push back.

Before then, Surbiton travel to Slough on Sunday (11 November) for an Investec Women’s Tier 1 Championships tie. Push back at Upton Court Road is at 1 pm.