Surbiton Ladies have become the first team to qualify for the Women’s EHL after becoming the  Investec Women’s Hockey League champions in April.

The Netherlands and Germany will have two representatives; and Spain, England, Ireland and Belarus will all have one team, the same structure as in 2019.

Surbiton makes history as the first team to ever qualify for the Women’s EHL as England is the only country to have completed its playoffs this season.

Surbiton Ladies Head Coach, Brett Garrard said “We are incredibly proud to be the first ever women’s team to qualify for EHL.

“Our club has always aspired to achieve the best we can at the EHCC and to now know that we will be in EHL is a testament to the commitment of the club and in particular to women’s hockey in the club.”

More information about the rankings including the second tier Trophy in which Holcombe will compete can be found at the EuroHockey website