Following the identification of a number of injuries at Surbiton Hockey Club over the last year, JY Physiotherapy have been working with various coaches at SHC and as a result have adapted an injury prevention programme called The Fifa 11+ to apply to hockey.

The programme, which has been scientifically tested to show that if it is carried out twice per week, it can show a significant reduction in injuries during the season.

The programme consists of various exercises addressing flexibility, motor awareness, strength, balance, landing techniques for knee and ankle injury protection, plus agility drills. The exercises have been proven to improve performance as well as reduce the risk of injury.

JY Physiotherapy has a dedicated page for Surbiton Hockey Club on its website here where more information can be found including useful several video tutorials covering all the above aspects.

There is also advice about downloading a Diary Sheet, so players can record their progress and see the results offered by the programme. Players can also keep track of their fatigue levels.