Surbiton’s Social Manager, Del Noble is off to Ecuador on 5 October to play for Beavers HC based in Guayaquil. Whilst he is hoping that this will open the door to international selection for Ecuador at the Pan American Games in Bolivia in May 2018, he also has a serious request to make.

While this a pretty unbelievable personal opportunity, I’m also hugely aware that this is a country where the hockey infrastructure is still in its infancy. When Ecuador competed at World League Round 1 last year, half the team had never even set foot on astroturf – a far cry from the world class facilities and coaching we have at Surbiton.”

With this in mind, and at the request of the Ecuador manager, I’d like to take this opportunity to kindly ask if any club members have any old hockey gear they would like to donate? Sticks, bags, balls, cones, shinpads, gloves – anything you deem surplus to your own personal requirements would be greatly appreciated and you can have that little gush of pride knowing that you’ve helped grow the sport we love, in a nation halfway across the world.

If anyone wishes to donate, I’ll leave a collection point in the foyer of the club, and I’ll be around at the club a fair bit over the next couple of weeks so I can collect things at training and so on. I’m heading out on the 5th October, so ideally I’d like to have everything together by the 3rd so I can FedEx it all over there!

So if you have any hockey equipment you no longer need, please leave it at SHC so Del can send it over to Ecuador!