I am delighted to welcome everybody to Sugden Road for the new hockey season which starts on Saturday 2nd September. The programme for the day has already been published, so please turn up at the club accordingly to make a good start to the season.

We should all feel very proud to belong to one of the biggest and oldest hockey clubs in the country.

Last season, the club were very successful with our men’s first team winning national championships both indoors and outdoors. Our ladies first team won their outdoor national league for the fourth season running and also won the national cup for the third time in four seasons. In Europe they finished fourth after reaching the semi-finals for the first time.

Both of our second teams also won their national cups and our Colts had another extremely successful season, especially at national level.

Naturally we want our success to continue next season, however we need all our members to give strong commitment if we are going to maintain the standards we have set in recent seasons.

On the social front, we recognise that we need to organise more activities and functions. Although we have a volunteer willing to take charge, we will also welcome any suggestions from all our members, including our Colts’ parents about possible themes and help with organisation. Naturally, the Board will need to authorise all social events.

I wish the club a happy and successful season with you all continuing to maintain the high standard and reputation this club has in the national/international hockey circle.

Wishing the club all the best and more success both on the field and off.

Suresh Desai
SHC President